Project description for individual musicians and musical ensembles

Because music is our reason for living!

Many musicians are not always able to make a living from their activity. Due to the current restrictive rules, the possibility of organizing concerts and obtaining fees is becoming more and more difficult. On top of that, there is still uncertainty about the future of the crisis we are going through.

At Musique D’Fusion, we have been thinking about the difficulties encountered by musicians during this critical period. The non-profit organization “Musique D’Fusion” has developed an innovative project to counteract this situation without waiting for a rapid improvement in the cultural context.

Our aid proposal: a solidarity fund

The project is to generate and maintain a solidarity fund to support you, the musicians and ensembles, in case of financial difficulties.

This fund can be used to contribute to the costs incurred in the practice of your activity: provision of a violin maker, purchase of instruments, travel costs, recordings, etc. Through this form of patronage, we thus contribute to stabilizing your future, regardless of unsuitable cultural policies or economic crises.

How to build up this fund?
Through an online catalogue for the general public

Our offer consists of a binaural remix of an existing production or a binaural sound recording of a live performance. These high quality productions cost you absolutely nothing.
This binaural music is then added to our online catalogue and offered for download to an interested audience.

Your cooperation is essential!

In order to effectively generate revenue to maintain the solidarity fund, the music catalogue offered for sale must be filled with content. The more music available, the more people will be willing to subscribe. And the more people will subscribe, the more the resulting solidarity fund will be able to support you.

Our partnership is a winner

Music D’Fusion takes care of the production upfront because we are absolutely convinced that we are carrying out a project that will bear fruit down the line. And that’s for everyone involved. Like you, the musicians, we only get paid when your music is sold. It is therefore in our interest to promote and distribute your creations as effectively as possible.

The earnings generated by the sale will be divided equally. One part will cover the costs of the organization and the other part will go into the solidarity fund intended for you.

Participation in this project is entirely free of charge.
You have everything to gain!

Your advantages as individual musicians or ensembles arise from the fact that by participating in this project you are addressing your target audience, but a wider outreach thanks to digital tools. Our site not only meets the needs of enthusiasts who sometimes travel miles to attend your concerts, but it will also attract all audiophiles who enjoy listening with headphones or those who are unable to travel.

How are our recordings made?

For a remix, we only need your existing recordings, for example one of the albums of your choice. We will make a high quality binaural mix out of it.

We guarantee a very accurate rendering for these remixes. The timbre of the individual instruments and the overall sound will remain the same. The only thing that will be changed is the position and movement of the sounds in the sound space, which makes listening with headphones particularly lively.

If you prefer a live recording, we will choose with you a suitable location to record your music in HD quality using our mobile recording studio.

And what about copyright?

Nothing changes with regard to copyright. Only the distribution rights for the binaural music will be transferred to Music D’Fusion so that we can put your music online legally. But you have the right to withdraw at any time during the production.

For binaural sound recordings, you will receive a “normal” stereo recording as a gift, whether you are an individual musician or an ensemble. It will be at your free disposal. After consultation with all the participants, a decision will be made as to which of the pieces will be published online. You also have the possibility to object to this decision at any time.

We think this is a fair exchange!

Our agreement as well as your wishes will be laid down in writing in a mutual contract. Trust and transparency are the basis of Music D’Fusion’s project.

For a world in which culture, and music in particular, plays an important role, Music D’Fusion is committed to your side.
Indeed, what would the world be without music?

We hope we have responded to your curiosity. Of course, we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have.

To contact us: +33 (0) (Stefan)

On these web pages you will find further information and audio excerpts.