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An exceptional catalogue of acoustic music that also supports talented musicians

What would the world be like without music?
Music D'Fusion along talented musicians have been asking themselves this question especially this year and you can imagine why.

Since March 2020 the economical vicious circle for the artists has been set in motion, and the damage is likely to last longer than we could have predicted.
All musical ensembles and independent musicians are affected !

By participating in the Musical Partnerships solidarity fund of the non-profit organization Music D'Fusion, you become a part of our community of mutual aid to talented musicians.

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So you become a sponsor of our cultural community to support talented musicians.

Building Trust and Transparency

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Music D'Fusion is a non-profit association providing a unique catalogue of multidimensional music dedicated to helping talented and independent musicians.
By participating in our solidarity fund, you become a sponsor of talented musicians to help them keep their autonomy and creativity alive.

Reach out your hand as a symbol to keep our musical culture alive !

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